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Herr Zimmerman starts record label


Begin 2013 Herr Zimmerman started also a record label, with a strong focus on a stronger style, high energetic techno-electro productions. The first productions have allready been released. Sex Shooter by Fraulein Z was the first release. 

In april Christiane F (EP) was released. Christiane F is a co production by Axel E rator and Fraulein Z. The EP contains also 2 remixes by D-R-U-N-K (former MOTOR) (FR) and AudioWitch (NL).

More releases followed such as 'Royal Junk' (Fraulein Z & Axel E Rator), and also SECRETS by Shell Shock (ES, USA) was released on Herr Zimmerman label. One of the remixes of SECRETS was also done by Fraulein Z, which is a real dancefloor succes!

One of the biggest Electronic Dance Music Magazines of the World - TILLLATE Magazine (UK) did a very big article about Herr Zimmerman record label and impressive interview with Fraulein Z.

In the summer of 2014 a next release is expected.  The original is a new techno track by Fraulein Z  ('Zug nach Herr Zimmerman), and remixes are expected by Angy Kore (IT) and The Horrorist (USA).

Find out more about Herr Zimmerman record label on the Herr Zimmerman website. Please click here to read more!