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FRI 30/11/2018


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TanzMan is one of the creators and owners of Herr Zimmerman, techno-electro club night & also Label Manager of the Herr Zimmerman Record Label, originated in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Together with Fraulein Z , they are a fresh and creative duo, leading the most underground and succesfull electro-techno party in the Netherlands. The musical style of TanzMan can be best described as a very energetic, very danceable, bass line driven, funky (minimal)techno & techno-electro. His academic biochemical background might also explain his love for the chemistry, that drives people to dance!...
Together with Fraulein Z,
TanzMan is responsible for all of the musical programming of the special international artists at the club nights of Herr Zimmerman.  TanzMan is also the label manager of the new Herr Zimmerman record label.

TanzMan DJ sets are always part of very energetic Herr Zimmerman club nights, playing together with artists like Gesaffelstein (FR), Brodinski (FR), IPUNK (AT), Zombie Nation (DE), Erol Alkan (UK), Dr. Lektroluv, Angy Kore (IT), The Horrorist (USA), AL Ferox (ES/ITA), MOTOR DJ’s (D-R-U-N-K), France), DJ Hell (Gigolo), T. Raumschmiere (DE), Anthony Rother (DE), The Hacker (FR), Franz & Shape (Italy, Relish Recordings), Adriano Canzian, David Carretta (Gigolo, Space Factory), Ascii.Disko(ES), MAR T (club Amnesia), Ken Ishii (JP), Tony Rohr, and many more…


Clubs & Festivals:
Herr Zimmerman - Factory 010 (Rotterdam), Dance Valley Festival 2012, Music Republic Festival (Rotterdam), TRESOR (Berlin), Rote Lampe (Berlin), Flex Club (Vienna), Club Centro Officina Messina (Sicily, Italy), TROUW Amsterdam (BAF club night), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Paard van Troje (Den Haag), POEMA Utrecht, and more…

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