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FRI 23/11/2018


Info & website: https://www.facebook.com/clubmagistrat/


TanzMan will play at MAGISTRAT 5 YEAR's ANNIVERSARY!
Date:  FRI 23/11/2018.  
Info & website: https://www.facebook.com/clubmagistrat/

TanzMan played at COCKTAIL FEST - Sat. 29 September 2018- Maassilo, Rotterdam. More info:  www.Cocktail-fest.com or www.HerrZimmerman.eu

TanzMan played at Herr Zimmerman's Tiroler Techno Party! - Sat. 3 March - Factory 010, Rotterdam. More info:  www.HerrZimmerman.eu

TanzMan played @ Herr Zimmerman's Absinth Party! - Saturday 11 th November 2017 - Factory 010, Rotterdam. More info: www.HerrZimmerman.eu

TanzMan played @ Herr Zimmerman's Free Beach Party! - Saturday 17th June 2017 - Zwarte Pad 64, Karavaan Beachclub, Scheveningen.

TanzMan played at Herr Zimmerman's Masked Tanz Ball! - Saturday 12 March 2017 - Rotterdam

TanzMan played at MAGISTRAT - 2 Years Anniversary - Sat. 26 November 2016

After Movie - Herr Zimmerman 10 Years Party! - Saturday 12 November 2016 - Factory 010 - Rotterdam

TanzMan played at SUNGLOW Festival - Saturday 10 September 2016


TANZMAN played at "Bestemming Onbekend" Party!  Location: WORM,  Rotterdam - SAT. 02 APRIL 2016


TanzMan played at HOTEL ZIMMERMAN,  FACTORY 010, Rotterdam - Saturday 05 March 2016 

TanzMan DJ set - Live Recorded @ TOFFLER, Rotterdam - Saturday 26 December 2015 

TanzMan played at Herr Zimmerman's Wild Wild West Party! - Sat. 24 October 2105 

TanzMan played at MAGNIET Party during Rotterdam Pride! - Club Ferrystore, Rotterdam - Sat. 26 September 2105 

TanzMan played at Herr Zimmerman's Free Beach Party!     @ Beach club De Karavaan, Zaterdag 1 Augustus!

TanzMan played at Techno Stage @ Pleasure Island Festival, 19th september 2015

TanzMan played @ MAGISTRAT, DEN HAAG  -  Sat. 27 june 2015

TanzMan played @ Herr Zimmerman's X-mas After Party!
Sat. 27 december 2014 @ Factory 010

TanzMan set - recorded live! @ Herr Zimmerman Closing Party! - Factory 010 - Sat. 3 May 2014

TanzMan played @ Herr Zimmerman's Closing Party! - DanceFloor Killers!

TanzMan played on Sat. 5 April @ Herr Zimmerman's Horror Show Party! - Factory 010

TanzMan played on Sat. 8 March - Herr Zimmerman, Factory 010

TanzMan played @ Herr Zimmerman - Italian Techno Edition! - Sat. 25 januari 2014 - Factory 010, Rotterdam

TanzMan played at Herr Zimmerman's House of God Party! - Sat. 28 Dec. 2013

TanzMan DJ set @ Herr Zimmerman's House of God Party!
TanzMan DJ set @ Herr Zimmerman's House of God Party!

TanzMan played Sat.30 November in Rotterdam, Factory 010

Check out my new December 2013 set!

... youtubed with some cool Herr Zimmerman visuals and recent Herr Zimmerman party impressions! :-)

Saturday 5 october - TanzMan played @ Herr Zimmerman's 7 years Party! - Factory 010, Rotterdam, Netherlands

TanzMan played @ Herr Zimmerman's Flower Power Party! - Factory 010, Rotterdam, Netherlands

TanzMan played @ Herr Zimmerman Beach Tanz Party!




TanzMan @ Centro Officina Multiculturale, Sicily, Italy

TanzMan in Sicily, Italy

Last month in April I was invited to play in Italy again. It was my second time in this great club on the beautifull Island of Sicily. The club is called 'Centro Officina Multiculturale', and its run by "Kill the Pop", a very sympatic crew, organising great electro parties, almost every week,named: "Platonic Love!" 
Centro Officina Multiculturale is a underground club, that is every friday night fully dedicated to electro(techno). In Holland this is almost unthinkable..., so we always are very happy to play here. Both Fraulein Z and TanzMan played sets, the club was packed and it was an amazing party with a very sympathic & enthousiastic crowd, that kept on tanzing on our techno-electro sets!... Their VJ took the liberty in even creating very cool Herr Zimmerman visuals as well. So, actually we experienced a real Italian Herr Zimmerman edition! :-)
Ooh,... and the Italian, or should I say Sicilian Food was again fantastic!